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Anonymous asked:

hi i just watched your latest video, and if i'm honest i think i liked it too much and i was trying to cut down on playing with myself but man listen you have like my exact perfect ideal body and anyway i just want to ask firstly like how tall are you, and how much do you weigh? whatever it is that is my target weight, and secondly, do you have to do excercise or is your body just naturally that amazing?

Aw, cool message!

I’m about 5’9” or 180cm. I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself but I think I’d be about 154lbs or 70kgs.

I am fairly slim naturally although have gotten chubbier as I’ve gotten older :P I’ve been going to the gym since January and so the body that you see in my most recent pictures are a result of going to the gym for the past 5 months.

And keep at it! You can get the body you want for sure :)