longhairedguys asked:

I love your dick dude. So let me ask you, when you take a hardon pic do you fondle yourself first, or do you just look at tumblr for a while, or do you need do stick something up that sweet little asshole to make your prick extra hard? If I were in the UK I know whose ass I would be trying to get into tonight!

All three! When I get hard, I get hard. My dick gets hard like marble. If I look tumblr or porn then it gets even harder. If something is sliding my ass then Ill be hard for hours ;) ps, I think guys with long hair are cute too!

Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to hear about that you get depressed sometimes at night! When I get like that I just pray and think and I hope you feel better!

Aw, thanks very much. I posted that ages ago and no one mentioned anything but thank uou sincerely! It’s just something I have to deal with :) I have depressive periods frequently, thankfully they dont last as long nowadays.

You rock!